October 3, 2008

12" x 16"
oil on canvas

This month I've switched gears from landscape to still life painting. Actually, to me a still life is more or less a landscape without wind. All paintings are really abstract designs on a two-dimensional surface. Much of the time we identify with the forms represented in that design and say the painting is "of a tree" or "of a pretty flower arangement" or whatever. With "Muscadines" I deliberately arranged the various elements, including the creases in the silk fabric, to create the abstract design of round shapes on a field of color. Of course, one always has to contend with the fact that there are actual objects on the table. In the case of this painting, the delicious fragrance of these particularly plump, ripe grapes -- a sure sign of Autumn in Georgia -- had me eating them before I finished the painting. I was forced to the local fruit stand to purchase more of them; these were promptly eated as well and I had to complete the work from memory. To learn more about this painting, including price and availability, contact me at eharold@aol.com.